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    Activated Carbon Filter Replacement for Cast Master Jerry Can / VESI PRO 1.5

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    • Effective & Efficient Carbon Activated FilterOur GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) filter provides extra protection by removing contaminates through extremely high adsorption capabilities. Effectively removes pesticides, nitrates, hydrogen sulfide, VOCs and a wide variety of contaminates.  Utilize our entire water filtration system survival Jerrycan for your ongoing clean water supply.  
    • Enjoy Safe, Delicious & Refreshing WaterCharcoal has the ability to absorb chemicals, heavy metals, organic matter, and other impurities. It reduces water hardness to optimize the taste from streams, rivers, lakes and other fresh water to ensure clean, safe drinking water.  A must-have survival water system for use with your Cast Master Jerrycan.  
    • Dual Filtration Technology Along with the food grade coconut shell activated carbon, our filter is an efficient ion exchange resin. Contaminates from the water are trapped in the pours as they pass over the activated carbon & ion-exchange microbeads. The result is cleaner, safer, and better tasting water.  
    • Be Prepared While the individual filter straws are amazing, choose an entire system for your emergency water needs or apocalypse gear supplies. Cast Master's robust Jerry Can and available filter replacements prepare you for extended outings, emergencies, earthquakes, floods, and more. 
    • Water Purifier Survival System Our included and replacement filters are the ultimate water filtration and purification device for our all-in-one Jerrycan water filtration system. Great for camping, hiking, or any outdoor adventure experience, and professional enough for serious military survival.   

    When you are looking for the ultimate water filtration and purification device, our all-in-one Jerrycan water filtration system is great for camping, hiking, or any outdoor adventure experience, and professional enough for serious military survival. Never worry about the cleanliness of your water with our advanced Granular Activated Carbon Filter and our Advanced Ultrafiltration Hollow Fiber Module. Our Jerrycan unit comes with one standard filter, but you'll need the attachable GAC filter for successful and continual water filtration.  

    Perfect for small to large groups for camping, scout trips, travel, and more. Incredibly effective for daily drinking water purification in remote areas. A must have for emergencies like earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, and other events where the water supply may be compromised.  

    Cast Master offers our replacement filters because our Jerry Can Water Purifier is strong and built to last. You'll enjoy years of use and the only upkeep you will need is to replace the filter after extended use. Keep your water clean, safe, and tasty with our advanced filtering system.