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    Elite BON 2000 Dual Purpose Smokeless Bonfire

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    The Cast Master Elite BON 2000 Dual Purpose Smokeless Bonfire and Grill is built differently. The wood is elevated to the middle of the smokeless bonfire pit, and specially engineered holes in the bottom and sides of the bonfire pit circulate air around the whole fire. This increased oxygen flow allows the fire to burn hotter, and a hotter fire releases barely any smoke. And since the wood burns more completely, there is very little ash to clean up, which we know is a bonus everyone can appreciate.

    • ALERT 🚨 NOTICE :: Before using our BON 2000 smokeless bonfire, please REMOVE protective foam insert at the bottom of your unit. Otherwise, this will melt into you unit and not allow air to circulate inside your BON 2000 chamber.
    • ALERT 🚨 ACCESSORIES :: Your 19” Grill Grate for the tip of your BON 2000 is packed and secured underneath your unit with protective foam. Please remove protective foam and 19” Grill Grate before using your BON 2000
    • ALERT 🚨 USER MANUAL :: For optimum SMOKELESS results for fire pit feature, please follow directions on how to properly start your fire 🔥.