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    Tumble Weed Fire Starter

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    • All Natural Firestarters - Our tumbleweed fireplace wood starters are great fire starters for the fire pit, charcoal grill, woodstove, and our innovative PIZ 2000 Pizza Oven. 100% natural, non-toxic starters have no chemical smell and are perfect for indoor & outdoor use.

    • Outdoor Adventure Awaits - Our fire staters for fire pit, fireplace, charcoal & more are ideal for camping, bar-b-ques, and any outdoor activity. They start readily in any weather, even rain, snow, or wet conditions. Whether you are embarking on a scouting adventure, or preparing your survival kit, our tumbleweeds are a necessary addition.

    • Safe & Reliable - You never have to worry about scouring the area for dry kindling. Just toss in a couple tumbleweeds and you'll have a roaring fire in just minutes. Each cube burns for up to 10 minutes and provides enough heat to accommodate your needs.

    • Quick & Easy - Lights up in just seconds and consists exclusively of organic materials which are always safe for cooking. No need to use paper. We simplify the process of starting your fire. No harmful liquids and no electric devices needed.

    • Cast Master Elite USA - Cast Master Elite is a US based business that designs products for the enthusiastic DIY crowd. You'll enjoy our high quality, professional blacksmith forges, furnaces, industrial tools, knife making supplies, as well as our array of hardworking products that fit your adventurous lifestyle like our pizza oven, smokeless fire pit, water filtration jerrycan and more! Forge your own path with Cast Master Elite!

    You can depend on Cast Master Elite for innovative products that will enhance your lifestyle. Whether you are ready to start a new hobby, like forging your own knives, smelting your own jewelry, or just enjoying the outdoors, we bring you professional and dependable products, designed in the USA and ready for action. 

    We don't just offer sturdy equipment, we complement our fire pit, blacksmith furnaces, and forges with all the industrial tools and accessories that you'll need to get started and everything you'll need to keep your hobby or interest going. Such is the case with our Tumble Weed Fire Starters. 

    Each package contains 32 pieces that will help you start fires virtually instantaneously. Just toss a couple of our 2-inch tumbleweed pieces into our firepit, pizza oven, charcoal grill, or your indoor fireplace, and you'll have a roaring fire in no time. No need to roll up paper, or use any electric devices. You'll love and appreciate the ease at which you are able to start fires.  

    Our tumble weed fire starters are exactly what you'll need for camping trips, scouting adventures, or a picnic in your backyard. Even serious survivalists should throw a pack or two of our fire starters into their accessories kit. 

    All natural, organic, weatherproof, and food safe - our fire starters are a necessary purchase for so many reasons!