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    Lifting Tongs for GG-10K

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    • Professional Crucible Tongs - A must-have set of clamping metal tongs to accompany your smelting furnace and foundry crucible.  Rust-proof, durable, welded for longevity, and made from heavy-duty steel, our vertical 10kg crucible lifting tongs are an essential melting tool for all kiln smelting for gold, silver, copper, and scrap metal.

    • Essential Safety Gear for Every Caster - You'll need safe and reliable equipment like our tongs and crucible for your metal melting furnace kit. Our precision smelting tools, like our lifting tongs, make the job easier, safer, and more accurate. Enjoy the unsurpassed quality of our GG10 propane foundry furnace and all the accessories.

    • Ideal fit for our GG10 Propane Furnace - Our 38-inch vertical lifting tongs are specifically designed to fit our best-selling smelting kit furnace with 10-kilogram capacity and crucible size of 6” across by 8” tall, the GG 10K tongs will serve all your metal melting needs, both large and small.

    • Superior Clamping Ability & Temperature Resistant - Whether you are a beginner or experienced artisan, you'll need trusted equipment and accessories to do the job right. Our solid metal tongs can withstand temperatures up to 2900° F or 1600° C and are ideal for handling crucibles when melting down metals.

    • Cast Master Elite USA – We’re a United States based business that designs products for the enthusiastic DIY crowd. We offer high quality blacksmith forges and furnaces, industrial tools, knife making supplies, and an array of hardworking accessories that fit into your lifestyle.

    Our GG10 Propane furnace was designed in the USA with a heavy-duty stainless-steel exterior, thick Kaowool ceramic wool insulation all around (even in the lid), refractory cement furnace floor, and a heat-resistant firebrick. We even include a set of extra-long tongs to make gripping & pouring with our 10K graphite crucible easy and safe. You'll love smelting brass, aluminum, gold, silver, copper, cast iron, and more.

    Eventually, you may want to add to your smelting arsenal a few handy accessories to make the job quicker, easier, and more accurate. Invest in our solid, all steel, heavy duty vertical lifting tongs. They firmly grip onto the crucible 6" by 8" crucible that's included in our GG10.  Cast Master Elite’s GG 10 Smelting Furnace & all the accessories are perfect for serious melters, jewelers, metalsmiths, refiners, and hobbyists alike.