• Everything You Need To Set up a Home Forge

    When delving into the world of metalwork, there are essential steps that need to be taken. Knowing how to structure your forging area is one of them.
  • How a Smokeless Grill Works

    A smokeless grill uses innovative technology that allows it to act as both a grill and a bonfire. Knowing how it works will help you use it effectively.
  • The Steps for How To Cast Jewelry

    The art of jewelry making can be a hobby or a lucrative business. There is a lot to explore with this type of metalwork. Learn how to cast jewelry here.
  • What Skills You Need To Become a Blacksmith

    Metalwork is a viable industry to work in, whether as a profession, a hobby, or to create art. There is much to do once you’ve developed your blacksmith skills.
  • How To Maximize Crucible Service Life

    A crucible is more or less a container for melting metals and has been around a long time. They are very useful and with proper care can last quite a while.
  • Why You Need a Crucible for Metalworking

    For hobbyists and artisans, the art of metalwork has paired many old-fashioned techniques with updated tools to make this work safer and more efficient.
  • The Different Types of Smiths

    The word “smith” encompasses a group of different metalsmiths or metalworkers that forge various materials into items depending on their specialization.
  • What You Need To Start Grilling Like a Pro

    Backyard entertaining is one of life’s simple pleasures connects us with people we love for food, comradery, and maybe this year’s socially distanced fun.
  • The Process of How Smelting Works

    Did you know that there’s metal in rocks? Metallurgy is the process of removing metal from its ore. Smelting is one of the most common processes for this.
  • Top Tips for How To Start Blacksmithing

    This is certainly the year for hobbyists and artisans to take their interests to the next level, whether to sell their finished products or to display them.
  • The Best Types of Steel for Blacksmithing

    Once a thriving profession many years ago, blacksmithing was an integral fixture in any bustling society. So how does it show up in our modern world?
  • Introducing our new Propane gas-powered outdoor pizza oven

    Today, we’re excited to announce the latest addition to our family of DIY/ Products. Our new, super compact, gas-powered outdoor pizza oven has bee...