• The Advantages of a Propane Smelting Furnace

    Blacksmithing beginners often have trouble deciding between charcoal and propane furnaces. Discover the benefits of why propane furnaces are best for beginners.
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    A crucible is a container used to melt substances such as metal at a very high temperature. It can be made from clay or metal. Heating it properly is essential.
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    A crucible is more or less a container for melting metals and has been around a long time. They are very useful and with proper care can last quite a while.
  • Why You Need a Crucible for Metalworking

    For hobbyists and artisans, the art of metalwork has paired many old-fashioned techniques with updated tools to make this work safer and more efficient.
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    The word “smith” encompasses a group of different metalsmiths or metalworkers that forge various materials into items depending on their specialization.
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    Backyard entertaining is one of life’s simple pleasures connects us with people we love for food, comradery, and maybe this year’s socially distanced fun.