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    CMF 3000 Triple Burner Blacksmith Forge

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    • Triple Burner Propane Forge - Work on your longest blades with all 3 burners, or just focus a single burner with our simple propane valves for easy control.  The CMF 3000 blacksmithing forge is able to tackle your toughest jobs. Our 1000, 2000, and 3000 propane forges for blacksmithing allow you to take on projects others only dream of.
    • Professionally Designed With Top Quality Features - After years of testing and testing, our propane knife forge and farrier forge were built for superior performance. Pre-lined with a thick, fireproof layer of thick Kaowool ceramic fiber insulation that's able to withstand sustained temps of up to 2300°F. Unique removable lid ensure exceptional temperature control inside the forge. Strong metal outer shell for many years of consistent and reliable use.
    • Easy to Assemble Blacksmith Forge Kit - We insisted on wing nuts in our forge burner, so it can be assembled in under 10 minutes with no special tools required. You'll only need a propane gas source, like the swappable tanks available at big box stores. Our blacksmithing forge allows artisans, crafters, and hobbyists to
      immediately begin forging tools, ornamental objects, hardware and more.
    • All-In-One Set - Our propane powered blacksmith forge kit includes 3 heat bricks, tough regulator hose, metal tongs, and everything you need to get setup so you can get started quickly and easily with your home forge.
    • Cast Master Elite USA - We’re a United States based business that designs products for the fanatical DIY crowd. We offer high quality blacksmith forges and furnaces, smokeless fire pits, industrial tools, and an array of hardworking accessories that fit into your lifestyle.

    When you want to get serious about blacksmithing, step up to the CMF-3000 from Cast Master Elite USA! Our propane knife forge will have you creating metal masterpieces in record time with its independent 3-burner system.

    • Long, all-metal outer body (32.2 inches x 12.4 inches)
    • Forge Chamber Dimensions: 30" Length, 6" Width, and 4" Height.

    • Thick fireproof ceramic insulation
    • Adjustable air intakes for use in any conditions
    • Heat-focusing oval shape
    • Removable door for quicker heating
    • Set of 3 fire bricks included
    • Four heavy-duty handles for easy transport
    • Ability to turn off 1 or 2 burners for smaller projects

    Whether you’re working on a small smelting project and saving fuel by only using a single burner, or you’re creating that award-winning sword you’ve been dreaming of with all 3 burners blasting, the CMF-3000 is your ultimate forging tool. Heats up faster than the competition with an insulated end-door; thick ceramic fiber insulation throughout.

    Engineered to last for years, but also to be easily transportable. Heavy gauge wing nuts and deep threading prevent mistakes, and allow your rock-solid propane knife forge to be disassembled/assembled in minutes.

    The CMF-3000 is the perfect choice for beginners since we include everything you’ll need except the gas. But it’s also ideal for the experienced blacksmith who just wants the power, convenience, and superior design of a high-end forge.

    Backed by our years of experience, and iron-clad customer commitment, the CMF-3000 by Cast Master Elite USA will quickly become your go-to forge!




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    Richard Packard
    Works well

    Easy to put together. Getting the oxygen mix took a minute but after that heated up great.