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    Digital Probe Thermometer for Furnace & Forge

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    The Cast Master hi-temp thermometer is a digital probe thermometer for furnaces capable of taking readings of up to 2000° F. It is best paired with our line of furnaces, forges, and smokeless fire pit, but can be used for a wide variety of temperature-taking uses.  

    *Extra-long, metal probe with pistol grip handle 

    *Instant digital readout (in °C only) 

    *Easy to use K-Type flat male to female connectors 

    *Capable of going from room temperature up to kiln or forge temp 

    *1 9V batteries required (not included) 

    *Probe measures 50 cm or 19 1/2” 

    *Large digital readout 

    Easy to use, easy to read, built to Cast Master standards! 


    • High Temp Thermometer - When you’re smelting or heating your kiln up to cone 10, you don’t want a temperature probe that fails. Our instant-read digital probe thermometer for furnaces is perfect for DIY or commercial use alike.  
    •  Two ways to measure - Use the 20-inch metal probe to take a quick reading of just how hot your furnace is, or you can run the insulated thermocouple wire into your wood-fired oven or gas kiln to take a reading. Both use a standard K-Type flat male/female connection. 
    •  Pairs perfectly with our other products - Designed to read temps in our GG series of furnaces, our CMF line of tough forges, or our smokeless fire pits. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. 
    • K-Type Thermocouple - Fast & reliable, K-type is the go-to device when measuring high temperatures. Our extra-long 50 cm metal probe can quickly measure high temps of up to 2370°F.  
    • Cast Master Elite USA - We’re a United States based business that designs products for the enthusiastic DIY crowd. We offer high quality blacksmith forges and furnaces, industrial tools, knife making supplies, and an array of hardworking accessories that fit into your lifestyle. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    William niles

    Works good so far.

    Susan Morris
    Excellent customer service

    I ordered a lance style pyrometer and received it in a box that the USPS tore up a bit. The foam packing seemed to have protected the probe adequately but when I tested it it wouldn’t read the ambient temperature nor the interior of a pizza oven. When I called Cast Masters to ask about it, they immediately offered to replace it because they felt like the probe was damaged. A few days later the replacement was delivered and it works fine! Too bad I’m only a clay potter or I would be getting forge products from them too!