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    CMF 1000 Single Burner Propane Forge for Blacksmith Jewelry

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    When your preferred way of relaxing involves forging your own blades or horseshoes, heat-treating knives, creating blacksmith jewelry, or bending and reshaping metal, you’re a special breed of person, and we at Cast Masters get you. We’ve engineered the CMF 1000 single-burner propane forge specifically for folks like you.

    Forge Chamber Dimensions: 10” Length 5” Width 4” Height.

    Perfect for small projects such as knives and daggers!

    We loaded it up with the features that we all want in a forge.

    • Hi-tech oval design for maximum heat delivery
    • Heavy gauge propane hoses & regulator for maximum SAFETY
    • Thick Kaowool ceramic fiber insulation for maximum heat retention
    • Heat resistant refractory brick for use as an inner liner
    • Stainless steel chamber

    Customers tell us that their Cast Master forges help them create sharper swords & axes, longer-lasting tools, and a more pure grade of fine metals. The secret to these advances in blacksmithing is the oval shape & vertical down-flame design on the single burner forge. The CMF 1000 single burner propane forge for blacksmith jewelry is no different. This time-honored combination, usually found in high-end industrial applications, makes for a lightning-fast heat-up, and a CONSISTENT, EVEN flame to get your jobs done right. Our burner (really the heart of a jewelry forge) is engineered to put up with years of heavy use and still come back for more. We include a high-pressure regulator capable of managing pressures up to 20 psi and designed to work with standard US propane tank fittings. This allows you to choose the tank you want, from a single use mini-tank to the easily refillable gas grill tank most of us already own. Our propane forge burners are customizable to your needs and go-to equipment.

    In addition, we provide you with incredible US-based customer support. You can rest assured that the person on the other end of the phone or answering your email knows your product inside & out, and is ready to walk you through any challenges you might encounter. We also pride ourselves on creating excellent manuals that were written by native English speakers, that will get you up & running in short order.

    Take on the projects that others only dream of with the perfect propane burner forge.





    Customer Reviews

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    Bonnie Sutton

    The forge has been perfect for making throwing knives.