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    STP 5000 Drill Operated Wire Stripping Machine

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    It’s easy to strip yards and yards of old wiring from residential and commercial uses, if you’ve got the right tool.

    It’s no secret that wire doesn’t last forever, and gets brittle and less effective over time. The safety of your home or office isn’t worth it! But don’t toss it in the dumpster. Recycle it yourself with the handy STP 5000 designed in the U.S. & manufactured by Cast Master.

    Simply place the wire in the circular opening, adjust the hardened high-carbon steel blade to just the perfect height, insert your drill (not included with purchase), and the blade will begin to move. Watch the wire spin by with a perfect seam cut through the top for EASY stripping. You adjust the speed with the trigger on your drill.

    In days gone by, the mightiest electrician right down to the lowliest DIYer had to sit & slice the wire with a razor blade if they wanted to reclaim or reuse the copper inside their scrap wiring. It was unsafe, and wasted precious time at the job site.

    Once you make the switch to the TOUGH, PRECISE, and EASY TO USE STP 5000, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

    Wire grade size capability - 18 AWG thru 6 AWG.

    Combine the durable finish & construction with our AWESOME U.S. based customer service, and easy to follow English directions both print & online, and you’ve got an out-of-the-park home run! Cast Master’s team is here for you after the sale with help from people who know your product inside & out. So push the BUY NOW with confidence.


    • Make sure the drill is turned off.
    • Using the adjustment knob on the side, adjust the guides to the wire thickness. (wire must be able to slide in and out easily with minimum clearance)
    • Slide the wire through the guide rails until the wire is just underneath the cutting blade.
    • Using the cutter-adjustment knob on the top of the machine, turn the knob while your other hand is moving the wire back and forth along the guide rails until the cutter grabs the wire (you will feel resistance once the cutter grabs the wire to ensure that you do not need to pull on the wire to remove it from the guide rails).
    • Let go of the wire (DO NOT HOLD ONTO THE WIRE). Turn the drill on, the blade will rotate, grip the wire and pull it through the machine.
    • If the blade does not grip the wire and pull it through while the drill is on, turn off the drill and push the wire in further, then let go of the wire and turn on the drill.
    • Once the wire is pulled through the machine, turn off the drill and remove the insulation from the copper wire.

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        Rowland Ingram

        STP 5000 Drill Operated Wire Stripping Machine