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    Everything You Need To Have a Successful Bonfire at Home

    Everything You Need To Have a Successful Bonfire at Home

    Now that spring has officially arrived, and temperatures outdoors are finally warming up, many homeowners are anxious to spend time outdoors. One of the best ways to pass the time outdoors this season is by the fireside. If you love the appeal of a backyard bonfire, don’t waste any of the mild spring days, and start collecting your bonfire supplies now. If you want to spend more time outside by the fire this season, here is everything you need for a successful bonfire at home.

    Choosing the Bonfire Location

    The first step to a successful bonfire is choosing where you want the fire to be. You’ll probably have a spot in mind for the bonfire, but your local fire regulations are a significant factor to consider. To have a safe and legal bonfire, you should familiarize yourself with local fire laws. Some areas may ban outdoor fires altogether, usually in particularly dry climates or during periods of extreme heat. Always follow general fire safety guidelines as well, such as placing your fire pit away from overhangs and structures. After you’ve checked all the fire safety boxes, you should put your fire pit in an open area with plenty of space for seating.

    Starting Your Bonfire

    Once you have a location in mind, it’s time to gather all the fire-building materials you need. Supplies such as the fire pit itself will give you a safe way to contain the bonfire, while other materials such as kindling and logs will keep it burning for extended periods. Start by gathering these materials, so you have everything you need when you’re ready to start the bonfire.

    Fire Pit

    The best device to start building a bonfire or campfire in is a fire pit. A fire pit helps contain the fire and prevents stray logs or sparks from spreading fire to the nearby area. Some are portable, like many raised metal models and smoke-free fire pits. On the other hand, some homeowners prefer installing fire pits into the ground or patio of their backyard space. You can create an in-ground fire pit by digging up a patch of earth and placing larger rocks around the rim. In-ground pits are ideal for setting up a fire in the same place every time. Other options, such as portable fire pits, give you the freedom to move your fire pit around your property or even take it on camping trips.

    Firestarter Materials

    There are several ways to start a bonfire from scratch. If you’re new to campfires, you can find fire starter kits at your local hardware or outdoor supplies store. However, if you want to learn how to start a fire the traditional way, you can stock up on kindling and other natural fire starters from around your property. Collect small twigs, branches, dried leaves, and paper scraps to form a base for your fire. These kindling materials are easily flammable, which makes starting the fire easier. Kindling materials burn out quickly, though, so make sure you have some smaller branches and logs to feed into the fire next.

    Of course, you’ll also need a heat source. Matchsticks and handheld lighters are the easiest ways to produce a basic flame. If you’re nervous about burning yourself, you can even find fireplace matchsticks, which are longer.

    A Healthy Supply of Wood

    A small, kindling-fed flame won’t last long, so you should have a healthy supply of logs of assorted sizes to feed your fire. Start with smaller sticks and logs, working your way up to the larger ones as the bonfire grows. Don’t pile too many logs into the fire pit, or you risk sparks and flames leaping out.

    The best type of wood for a bonfire is dry, aged wood. Branches and leaves from fresh trees won’t burn easily due to their high moisture content. Choose dried logs from ash, pine, oak, maple, and other trees on your property. You can also purchase firewood at local hardware stores.

    Bonfire Gathering Supplies

    While sitting beside the fire on a quiet night is undoubtedly relaxing, bonfires are best enjoyed in the company of friends and family. Turn your fire pit into the centerpiece of a neighborhood bonfire party or family get-together. Here are some of the supplies you’ll need if you want to accommodate more people around your backyard fire pit.

    Additional Seating

    You may have already set up one or two chairs for yourself and your immediate family around your fire pit. However, if you’re planning a bonfire party, you will also need spots for your guests to gather on. Stock up on folding chairs, Adirondack chairs, and other outdoor-friendly seating. Never place chairs too close to the fire pit, especially those made of fabric or wood. A stray spark could burn a hole in your outdoor chair or even cause the fire to spread if you’re not careful.

    Drinks and Snacks To Go Around

    What kind of party would be complete without snacks and drinks? Keep an outdoor cooler near your bonfire setup and stock it with cold drinks for a warm spring or summer night. You can also make use of the unique cooking experience the bonfire provides with themed snacks. For example, bring out a plate of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers to make fresh campfire s’mores. All you need is fire-safe campfire roasting sticks for the marshmallows. The best part about these roasting sticks is that you can use them when making all types of campfire snacks, including hot dogs, kebabs, and more.

    Where To Find Bonfire Essentials

    Whether you’re looking for fire pits for your backyard space or fire-starting kits, you can find a wide variety of bonfire accessories at Cast Master Elite. We provide fire pit accessories so every homeowner can enjoy a peaceful campfire in their backyard.

    Now you should have everything you need to have a successful bonfire at home. Whether you want to have a relaxing and atmospheric fire with close family or throw a big bonfire party with friends, you’ll have all the supplies you need. Don’t forget to check out the wide selection of campfire and outdoor supplies at Cast Master Elite.

    Everything You Need To Have a Successful Bonfire at Home

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