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    Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Pizza Oven

    Are you considering adding a pizza oven to your outdoor space this season? Personal pizza ovens are the perfect addition for entertaining and encouraging your family to spend more time outdoors this summer. However, if you’ve never used a personal pizza oven, you might not be familiar with the care instructions. Keep reading to learn the maintenance tips for your outdoor pizza oven so that you can take proper care of your new appliance.

    Cleaning Your Pizza Oven

    The best way to maintain your outdoor pizza oven is to clean it regularly. Depending on the type of pizza oven you have, it may have unique cleaning requirements. Don’t forget to clean both the outside and inside of your oven to maintain good hygiene and food practices.

    No matter how careful you are around your pizza oven, it's inevitable that it will collect stains from food and outdoor conditions. The sooner you address these stains, the easier they will be to clean off, and they won’t leave any lasting damage. The pizza oven pros recommend picking up a trusty pizza oven brush for scraping away burnt-on stains.

    Don’t forget to inspect and clean the chimney to make sure soot and ashes don’t build up and create a fire hazard. A chimney brush is ideal for tackling this job.

    When To Clean Your Pizza Oven

    Knowing how often to clean your pizza oven is just as important as the cleaning process itself. Make sure to clear any food buildup, soot, or ashes from inside your pizza oven between every use. If this debris gets baked onto your oven, it’ll be even harder to remove and could even damage your oven the next time you use it. And always make sure to wait until your pizza oven has cooled to a safe temperature before brushing or cleaning. Getting your hands near the hot surface is a burn hazard.

    Keep the Oven Covered & Shut

    Once you’ve finished cleaning your pizza oven after use, make sure that your hard work doesn’t go to waste. The best way to protect your outdoor pizza oven from the elements, dirt, and other debris is to keep it covered. If your oven comes with a durable fabric cover like most grills, make sure to reapply its covering after it cools down and you’ve cleaned it. If your oven doesn’t come with a cover and is portable, consider moving it indoors or into storage where it will be protected. Additionally, if your pizza oven has a door, make sure to keep it shut to prevent debris from collecting inside.

    Adding a pizza oven to your backyard space is a perfect way to enjoy more time outside this summer. Just remember these maintenance tips for your outdoor pizza oven to keep it in good condition. If you’re looking for a personal pizza oven to start cooking outside this season, look no further than our selection here at Cast Master Elite. Our personal pizza ovens are a terrific addition to any outdoor space, so order today to get cooking.

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