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    GG-5000 5KG SS Propane Melting Furnace Kit

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    Customers tell us that the GG 5 kg melting furnace strikes the perfect balance between crucible capacity, temperature performance, and price, allowing them to expand to projects they never thought possible with a home furnace.

    5 kg Melting Furnace

    We’ve packed so many high-end features into the affordable GG 5K that you’ll feel like you’re ready to open your own steel mill! Whether you work hard, or you play hard, the 5K delivers consistent results, safety, and FUN. Included with every purchase:

    • Tough Stainless Steel chamber designed in the USA
    • 5 inch x 4 inch graphite crucible
    • Easy to read owner’s manual (in English)
    • New & Improved DETACHABLE LID mechanism for added functionality & heat retention
    • Everything you need to get started on day 1 (except your metal & propane)
    • The best warranty around

    Our melting furnace kit is different than the competition and was designed from the ground up here in the US of A with a heavy-duty steel exterior, thick Kaowool ceramic fiber insulation, and a heat-resistant firebrick. Every propane gas regulator receives the prestigious CSA Group certification, and is constructed out of durable, long-lasting materials. We even include a set of extra-long tongs to make gripping & pouring with our 5K graphite crucible easy and safe.

    So turn that garage, man-cave, or she-shed into the melting paradise you’ve always wanted, with the tough, SAFE, and easy to use Cast Master GG 5K! Click the Buy Now with confidence.