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    Propane Smelting Furnaces

    If you’re interested in smelting and metal working, Cast Master Elite has the solutions for you. Our propane smelting furnaces are specially made for any metal project, whether you’re into jewelry making, refining, metalsmithing, or casting. If you’re ready to start smelting today, buying a Cast Master Elite smelting kit means you’ll have everything you need to get started the second you receive your new smelting furnace kit, aside from the metal you’ll be melting and the propane to heat it! Made from heavy-duty stainless steel construction, Kaowool ceramic insulation, a refractory cement floor, and heat-resistant fire brick, your propane smelting furnace is made to withstand any project. These versatile tools can be used for jewelry smelting equipment, blade smithing equipment, and all your general blacksmithing needs.

    For more information on our metal melting and smelting furnace kits, get in touch with the experts at Cast Master Elite today.