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Elite Bon 2000 Dual Purpose Smokeless Bonfire / Grill
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Smokeless Bonfires

Looking for the perfect addition to your patio or outdoor living areas? Cast Master Elite is here to bring you the smokeless bonfire you’ve been waiting for, making any campfire better than ever before. Our smokeless campfires are built differently than your typical fire pit. Elevating your wood in the middle of the pit while allowing air to circulate through the bottom and sides means that your fires will burn hotter, releasing hardly any smoke. If you’re looking for an entirely new campfire experience, our smokeless bonfires can help with that. Our smokeless campfires work extremely well for cooking food as well, fitting all your needs for a smoke-free grill.

For more information on our smokeless fire pits and smoke-free grills, get in touch with Cast Master Elite today.