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    Smelting Crucibles

    Cast Master Elite brings you the best solutions for all your precious and nonprecious metal melting needs with the use of our smelting crucibles. Used as the container for metals and other substances to be melted within, the foundry crucibles we have for sale come in sizes ranging from 3 kg to 10 kg. These smelting crucibles allow you to handle a wide variety of metal melting and casting projects. Many of the options we currently have for sale are our clay graphite crucibles. These are made to withstand extremely high temperatures while allowing your metals to melt without the crucible being affected by the heat. Blacksmithing at home doesn’t have to be a struggle, with our home foundry supplies and graphite smelting crucibles any size workspace can handle the projects you want to tackle. No matter your smelting needs, we have the foundry crucibles for sale to help you get the job done right. Check off everything on your home foundry supplies list by shopping with us at Cast Master Elite.

    For more information on the clay graphite crucibles we have for sale at Cast Master Elite, get in touch with us today or start shopping now!