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    Mini Ingot for GG Mini Pro (2 pack)

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    Ideal for pouring precious metals, our three-mold-in-one ingot casting molds enable you to reclaim jewelry or objects of similar metal content into one easily measurable mold. You get TWO sets of molds with every purchase.

    For reliable and fast melting of metals, we recommend our GG Mini Pro melting furnace with a full 5-ounce capacity crucible. Perfect for those just starting out, or for jewelers and other professionals that want to save the bigger equipment for other jobs. 

    Made with high-density graphite, this unit will deliver 40+ uses if handled properly.  

    For best results, we recommend heating the mold briefly before pouring metal into it. 

    Graphite ingot casting mold - Perfect for pouring molten non-ferrous metals like gold, silver, copper & aluminum. Our melting casting molds can be re-used dozens of times. 

    Perfect size for smaller projects - Outside edge measures 2 1/4” by 1 5/8”, and is 1/2” tall. Three separate chambers for casting ingots of 1 Troy ounce, 1/2 Troy ounce, and 1/4 Troy ounce.  

    Long-lasting quality - Made from high-density, fine-grain graphite. Our customers report easily getting 30, 40, or more pours from our metal casting molds.  

    Pairs perfectly with our GG MINI PRO – Our 5-ounce capacity melting furnace is just the right size for smaller molds like these. Ideal for precious metals & hobbyists. 

    Cast Master Elite USA –  We’re a United States based business that designs products for the enthusiastic DIY crowd. We offer high quality blacksmith forges and furnaces, industrial tools, knife making supplies, and an array of hardworking accessories that fit into your lifestyle.