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    Raw Billet Steel Blades (3 Pack) 

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    Knife making has become incredibly popular, and for good reason…it’s a great way to spend a day off work & unwind. Most of us that do it find it incredibly relaxing, a fact that mystifies our significant others! 


    Starting with a high-quality billet can make the knife-forging process easier and more enjoyable. Join the growing legion of DIY folks who design, forge, hammer, and quench their way to bliss with Cast Master Elite’s 3-pack of high carbon steel 1095 blank billets for knives, tools, and weapons of all types.   


    • We recommend 1095 steel for our more experienced forgers, with a project or two behind them.
    • Our billet steel blanks are very consistent and high quality. Purchase with confidence.
    • Popular 3/16th inch thickness. 12” by 1.5” by 3/16”
    • 0.95% carbon holds a great edge that’s easy to sharpen
    • Ideal for knives & swords that will havehamons 


    While knife/blade making is as much art as it is science, we advise our customers to stick to the time-tested temperature of 1475°F when heat treating. Cast Master Elite forges are rock solid for reaching and holding the temperature you set, and come with features not found on other brands. 

    We also recommend an oil quench for efficient quenching of 1095. This allows for maximum hardness and blade longevity. Brine or water quenching are also acceptable, but can produce less predictable results. 

    So click the Buy Now with confidence. We’re here to help with all our products and offer US-based customer support.  


    • 1095 high carbon steel – With the recent popularity of DIY blade-making has come a huge variety of blade making steel. Our Cast Master Elite 3-pack features versatile annealed billets ready for your creativity. Each piece is 3/16ths of an inch thick. 
    • Annealed & ready to work –  Pure 1095 steel alloy bar stock comes annealed and ready for your knife & toolmaking experience. We recommend 1095 to our customers with a few tools or blades ‘under their belt’ as some beginners can get frustrated with it.  
    • Pairs perfectly with our Cast Master Elite Forges –  For amazing consistency & ease-of-use, our forges can’t be beat. Achieve temperatures quickly, and maintain without annoying fluctuations. Our CMF-1000, 2000, & 3000 model forges are excellent for all levels of experience. 
    • High quality manufacturing –  We insist on consistent tolerances both on the ingredient contents (carbon, chromium, manganese, etc.) as well as the forming of the bars themselves. You’ll be pleased to find virtually no warpage or variances in our 1095 steel bars. 
    • Cast Master Elite USA –  We’re a United States based business that designs products for the enthusiastic DIY crowd. We offer high quality blacksmith forges and furnaces, industrial tools, knife making supplies, and an array of hardworking accessories that fit into your lifestyle. 


    Stock up on raw billet steel blades today for your workshop, or browse our vast selection of other forging tools and accessories. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your equipment or restock tools and accessories, you can find everything you need for the knife-making process here at Cast Master Elite.