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    STP 1000 Portable Wire Stripping Machine

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    With constantly fluctuating copper prices, it makes sense to strip those old wires when you replace or remove them. The SPT 1000 wire stripping machine is built for home & DIY jobs that involve smaller grades of wire or smaller quantities and works like magic to remove the outer layers of plastic/sheathing/insulation so you can reclaim the metal within. Scrap it, smelt it, turn it into jewelry...the choice is yours with the help of a stripper machine.

    With 8 circular holes of varying diameter to work with on the STP 1000 portable wire stripping machine, you can easily find one that corresponds to the wire in your hand. And inside each of those holes is a sharp, hardened high carbon steel blade that you can adjust to just the right height for stripping your grade of wire with your Allen or hex wrench (not included).

    The rust resistant aluminum block feels good in-hand, and is machined flat to fit snugly into your workbench vice, C-clamp or other clamping device. Because this wire stripper machine is portable, you can use it at your workbench or take it on the go. It’s always smart to have a portable wire stripper on hand for your remote projects or while collecting forging materials. Make the material collection process easier than ever with the SPT 1000 stripping wire machine.

    Wire grade size capability - 18 AWG thru 6 AWG.

    Measurements - 4 1/2” by 1 1/2” by 1/2” thick.