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    4 Ways To Use Smelted Copper in Blacksmithing

    4 Ways To Use Smelted Copper in Blacksmithing

    If you’re new to the blacksmithing craft and looking for a material to start forging, try copper. Not only is this metal easy to work with and melt, but there are also many ways to use it in your work. Keep reading to get the inspiration flowing with four ways to use smelted copper in your blacksmithing projects. Learn what you can create and some of the many benefits of using this metal.

    Functional Copper Utensils

    Many blacksmiths use smelted metals to create tools for their homes and workshops. Because copper is a softer metal, it isn’t suitable for crafting weapons and hammers, but it does make a great material for crafting kitchen utensils. Smelted copper is perfect for forming plates, kettles, utensils, cookware, and more. One notable example of this metal’s influence in cookware is the copper mug that often accompanies the Moscow Mule beverage. You can form your own mug in your forge by shaping and hammering a sheet of smelted copper.

    Copper Jewelry

    One of the most common uses for smelted copper is creating jewelry. Hammering metal sheets or blanks is popular for creating simple bracelets and necklaces, but you can also smelt these materials down to create more intricate jewelry. With the proper jewelry smelting equipment, you can create a wide variety of pieces, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, and more. Hand-crafted jewelry makes a great gift idea for your loved ones, so jewelry is a popular use for smelted copper.

    Copper Art Pieces

    Did you know many people use blacksmithing as an art form? Artisan smiths use smelted metals to create beautiful pieces of art, such as sculptures, vases, abstract art, and other creations. Smelted copper is just another form of art medium to many artisan blacksmiths. When you polish it, copper has a gorgeous shine that lends itself well to jewelry and art pieces alike.

    Decorative Purposes

    Besides using smelted copper for art pieces, you can also use it to add decorative touches to your other blacksmithing creations. Copper is a soft metal, meaning a smith can easily manipulate it to create a range of decorations from small to large in scale. Smelt this metal to decorate your blades, weathervanes, vases, and more. You can utilize copper as the main material for your decorative pieces or add accents thanks to its malleability.

    Copper is a useful material for any blacksmith to have on hand, no matter their skill level. Now that you know these four ways to use smelted copper in your blacksmithing work, you’ll have all the inspiration you need to start experimenting with this material. If you need additional materials for working with copper, browse our blacksmithing and jewelry smithing equipment here at Cast Master Elite.

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