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    7 Great Gifts for the Blacksmith in Your Life

    7 Great Gifts for the Blacksmith in Your Life

    With the holidays on the horizon, you might already have started planning gift ideas for your friends and family. There are always a few names on every gift list that leave you scratching your head and wondering about the right gift. If you have any blacksmiths in your life, you’re in luck! We’ve prepared a list of seven great gift ideas for the blacksmith in your life to help you cross off their name. Keep reading for all the gift inspiration you’ll ever need.

    New Tools and Equipment

    You can never go wrong with gifting your blacksmith new tools and equipment. You might worry about doubling up on equipment they already have, but they can always use spare instruments as backups. No tool will last forever, especially under the harsh conditions of the blacksmith shop, so your loved one will always be able to use extra tools or accessories. Here are some various tools and equipment pieces that would make the perfect gift.


    If you’re looking for an accessible gift that won’t break the bank, a blacksmithing hammer or two will make a perfect gift for the artisan in your life. Blacksmithing hammers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and specialties, so a smithy can almost never have enough hammers. Try finding a unique hammer shape they haven’t worked with yet to help them explore new techniques. Rounding hammers and forming hammers fit the bill for more unusual and unique hammer types. Otherwise, you could always select a trusty ball-peen or cross-peen hammer that any blacksmith will appreciate.


    Blacksmiths can never have enough crucibles. A general rule many blacksmiths follow is never to use the same crucible to smelt distinct metals and other materials. Reusing a crucible for different materials can lead to contamination and even dangerous reactions. For this reason, gifting your blacksmith friend a new crucible can be a thoughtful and practical gift. With a new crucible, they can start working with a new material without worrying about any material leftovers in a previously used crucible.

    Forge Kits

    If you know an aspiring smith in your family or friend group, help them get started in the guild with a complete forging kit. Forging and smelting kits contain all the equipment they need to get started on their first blacksmithing project. You can find a variety of forging kits on the market, such as our metal melting furnace kits here at Cast Master Elite.

    These kits can be a larger cost commitment compared to individual tools and accessories, but they make an excellent group gift to which several people can contribute. You or your group of friends will be the stars of the holiday season by gifting something as creative as a smithing kit.

    Safety Clothing and Gear

    One thing that a blacksmith should always wear in the workshop is safety gear. If your friend or family member is just starting as a smith, they might not yet have all the safety gear they need. Help expand their collection and promote safety in their workshop by supplying them with safety gear or clothing as a gift. Even veteran blacksmiths can appreciate new safety gear, as their current gear might be getting old and losing effectiveness. Here are some gift ideas in the safety gear category.

    Protective Apron or Gloves

    Is your friend’s workshop apron looking a bit old and dingy? Consider buying them a new one as a gift. A blacksmith’s apron helps prevent dirt, oil, and grime from staining their clothing and protects their body from stray sparks and hot debris. Choose an apron with heat-resistant materials such as leather and natural fibers.

    If a whole apron is too much of an investment, you could instead pick out heat-resistant leather gloves. Blacksmithing gloves provide heat resistance and a strong grip on working materials and tools.

    Safety Goggles

    Just as you would wear a pair of safety glasses while working with power tools, blacksmiths also need eye protection when working with their equipment. Some blacksmiths never upgrade their safety glasses, which can easily become scratched and cloudy with use. Gift your blacksmith some new safety goggles so they can see clearly while working in the shop.

    Handy Blacksmithing Accessories

    If you’re convinced your loved one already has all the smithing tools they could possibly need, take a step back and consider their larger workshop space. Do they have many blacksmithing accessories? Plenty of accessories and items can make their job easier while forging.

    Clamps and Vices

    Every blacksmith can use extra sets of clamps or vices in their workshop. These accessories help a smith hold materials in place while hammering and shaping them. Clamps and vices take over the job of holding hot materials with tongs so that the smith can use multiple tools or both hands for more accessibility and accuracy. Pick up a set of clamps or vices for a handy accessory and gift.

    Measuring Devices

    Anyone who has ever used tools for cutting understands the importance of measuring twice and cutting once. This age-old advice holds true in the blacksmithing guild as well. Every smith should have a device to measure and mark their materials before cutting and shaping. Tape measures and metal rulers are convenient measuring tools to have in the workshop. Metal rulers are best for straight, stationary materials, and measuring tape can be helpful for inspecting materials and pieces with odd angles. Choose one or consider gifting both tools for maximum flexibility in the workshop.

    Hopefully, these seven great gifts for the blacksmith in your life have inspired your gift for this friend or family member. You can’t go wrong with any of the gift ideas above. If you’re ready to start holiday shopping early, check out our various blacksmithing tools and accessories here at Cast Master Elite. We offer everything, from individual tools and accessories to full smelting kits and forges. Find all the gifts for the craftsman in your life in our wide selection at Cast Master Elite.

    7 Great Gifts for the Blacksmith in Your Life

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