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    8 Fun Activities To Do Around the Bonfire

    8 Fun Activities To Do Around the Bonfire

    Spring weather is almost here, and that means more people will be wheeling out and uncovering their fire pits. If you’re planning to host a campfire party as soon as you can this season, you might already be planning things like food, drinks, and activities for it. If you need inspiration for some things to do on your next bonfire night, here are eight fun activities to do around the bonfire to get you started. From the classics to more modern ideas, you’ll find something for everyone on this list.

    1. Roast Marshmallows and Make S’mores

    Roasting marshmallows over an open fire is a quintessential campfire activity. Find and clean off a few nearby branches or buy fire-safe marshmallow forks from your local store for roasting purposes. If you have all the fixings for s’mores at home, bring them out to the fire pit on a plate for easy access. The best thing about roasting marshmallows and making s’mores is that it’s fun for campfire enjoyers of any age. Whether you’re five years old or fifty years old, the reward of a delicious s’mores treat after roasting marshmallows over the fire never gets old.

    2. Turn Your Campfire Into a Grill

    If you’re not quite in the mood for dessert yet, you can also turn your campfire into a makeshift grill for dinner purposes. You can cook hot dogs much the same way you would prepare marshmallows over the fire. You can also buy campfire grill racks that instantly turn your fire pit into an outdoor grill for cooking larger meats and vegetables. If you want the best of both worlds, invest in some fire-safe kebob sticks and skewer your favorite meats and vegetables. Then simply place them over the fire until they’re ready to serve. These act as the perfect snack or meal after a fun-filled day of outdoor activities.

    3. Light Up the Night With Sparklers or Glow Sticks

    If you have kids, they will be instantly entertained when you break out the sparklers and glow sticks. However, sparklers and even glow sticks are fun for campfire enjoyers of any age. Glow sticks and bands make fun nighttime accessories for parties and other events too. Once the campfire dies down a bit, your sparklers and glow sticks will become even more effective and noticeable. Plus, the campfire acts as perfect access to lighting sparklers quickly—just make sure to use parental supervision for young children and light your kids’ sparklers for them.

    4. Tell Scary Stories

    Telling scary stories is another classic campfire activity. You can get as creative as you want with this one—feel free to make up stories as you go or research some online in advance. You don’t have to limit yourselves to scary stories either, especially if you have younger children who might get easily scared. They don’t have to be fictional, either! Sometimes sharing old stories with your friends is a fantastic way to catch up and enjoy each other’s company the most.

    5. Jam To Your Favorite Music

    It wouldn’t be a campfire party without the right playlist. Bring a portable speaker out to your fire pit setup and play your favorite music. It helps to have a playlist ready for long campfire sessions, but you can also go around the circle and take suggestions for what everyone wants to hear next.

    6. Create Your Own Campfire Songs

    If you don’t have a portable speaker, you can always add your own music to the space! Singing campfire songs is another classic fire pit activity for friends and families of all ages. Whether you look up campfire songs specifically or go more of a karaoke route, your whole group will soon `be laughing and singing into the night.

    7. Try Stargazing

    In more remote campfire destinations, your group might be able to look up into a clear night sky full of stars. While it might not be possible if you’re closer to a large city due to light pollution, stargazing is a popular fireside activity in more rural areas where the night sky is brighter. If you live in a city or suburb and find yourself in a more rural area for a vacation, make sure to spend some time looking up at the stars. Adults and children alike will have hours of fun watching for shooting stars and satellites.

    8. Play the Telephone Game

    If you’re not familiar with the telephone game, one person will whisper a sentence to the next person until it makes its way back to the original (usually with hilarious results). This game doesn’t require a fire pit to play, but sitting around the fire is a perfect time to play it. You can play telephone with as few as three players, but it becomes a lot more fun the more guests you have to participate, so try to get everyone involved.

    Where To Find the Best Fire Pit for You

    If you’re in need of a fire pit for your backyard or campsite area, you might be wondering which is best for you. There are many different fire pits on the market to choose from, including portable fire pits, fire rings, and more. Each variety has different maintenance needs and benefits, so make sure you consider all your options. If you love the experience of an outdoor fire pit but hate the smoke, consider investing in a smokeless campfire pit. These fire pit options can make frequent backyard fires more enjoyable for your family and guests.

    If you’re itching to have a campfire party this spring, remember these eight fun activities to do around the bonfire. There’s no shortage of fun and creative games and activities you can play around the campfire. As long as you make sure someone who’s old enough is keeping an eye on the fire, you can play about anything. Just remember proper fire pit safety tips and don’t let anyone get too close to the flames. And if you’re in need of a safe and comfortable fire pit option, check out our selection of smokeless fire pits here at Cast Master Elite.

    8 Fun Activities To Do Around the Bonfire

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