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    The 5 Best Foods To Cook Over an Open Fire

    The 5 Best Foods To Cook Over an Open Fire

    As spring approaches, many camping veterans are getting ready to pitch their tents and sit around the campfire. Whether you’re a camping veteran or a beginner, everyone needs some go-to campfire foods to fuel up after a long day spent outdoors. Here are some of the five best foods to try cooking over an open fire for your next camping trip or backyard bonfire.

    S’mores: A Campfire Classic

    S’mores are a lasting campfire tradition, and for good reason. The combination of gooey marshmallows with melted chocolate and a crispy graham cracker is the perfect camping snack. Clean off some sticks from around your fire pit, or invest in skewers to hold your marshmallows at a distance. And don’t forget to bring the chocolate bars and graham crackers along on a ready-to-go plate.

    Campfire Popcorn

    Did you know you can make tasty, warm popcorn right over your campfire? Bring along a bag of popcorn kernels, a disposable aluminum pan, foil, butter, and your desired seasonings. All you need to do is place the butter into the pan, add the kernels, cover the top with foil, and place it over the fire. Then sit back and enjoy the satisfying sound of popping and crackling kernels as your snack cooks. Once you no longer hear the popping, carefully remove the pan from the fire and season your popcorn with salt and your preferred toppings.

    Meat or Vegetable Kabobs

    If you’re looking for something more satisfying than a little campfire snack, try grilling some kabobs over the open flame. All you need is a campfire grill stand or rack to hold your ingredients over the flames. You could even roast individual vegetables over the flames like marshmallows while you wait. If you use meat ingredients, just remember to bring a thermometer to test the internal temperature before you dig in.

    A Breakfast Omelet

    If you’re camping overnight, you’re going to need a healthy breakfast to get ready for a full day of hiking and other activities. A protein-packed breakfast omelet is easy to cook over the fire and provides a nutritious and delicious breakfast. All you need are a few eggs, your favorite meat or vegetable additions, some salt and pepper for seasoning, and a cast-iron frying pan. This pan is campfire-safe and can stand up to the heat of the flames.

    Bread or Biscuits

    Bread and biscuits are the perfect sides to any campfire meal, and they’re easy to make over the flames. If you have a pre-cooked loaf of bread, you can simply wrap it in tinfoil and rest it on the logs or coals until it browns up nicely. Otherwise, you can use canned biscuits or make your own bread dough at home. Use a grill stand or cast-iron pan to cook the dough through until it’s golden brown and crispy.

    If you’re itching to try some of these best foods to cook over an open fire, you can find your own fire pit and accessories here at Cast Master Elite. We offer smoke-free fire pits that are perfect for camping on the go or placing on your backyard patio. Invest in your own setup today and try whipping up these campfire favorites.

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