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    The Steps for How To Cast Jewelry

    The Steps for How To Cast Jewelry

    As you begin to decide on the kind of jewelry you want to make, whether that be necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings, you will need to gather certain equipment and learn certain techniques. Making such dainty pieces requires skill and concentration, but the process will leave you with beautiful products. Following the steps for how to cast jewelry should have you on your way to successful artisanship in no time!

    Wax Patterns

    Jewelry casting uses a wax pattern that you can acquire or make yourself. The first step is to create a wax version of the piece you’re looking to cast. The 3D image will become your prototype. Most jewelry is made from a wax pattern that is used to create an “invested” mold.

    Plaster Mold

    Once the wax shape is prepared and hardened, it is placed in plaster. Once the plaster hardens, be sure that the wax is visible on the underside of your new plaster mold. Place the plaster mold in a pan and use rocks to elevate it off the floor of the pan. Then, place the pan in the oven to allow the wax to melt, leaving behind only the plaster mold. This process will also take excess moisture out of the plaster.

    Heat Metal

    Let the plaster cool, but not too much. You don’t want the temperature to greatly differ as you pour in your metal. Place your plaster mold on a sturdy, flat, and heat-resistant surface and heat your metal. We recommend using one of the Cast Master Elite propane smelting furnaces to ensure you have everything you need to heat your metal safely. This takes the acquisition of mismatched supplies out of the equation, making smelting easy and preparing you for any project.

    Cool Metal

    Once you’ve poured your melted metal into your plaster cast, let it cool. Be sure that you have the proper safety gear to avoid potentially serious burns. Once the metal is fully cooled, you can use a chisel or screwdriver and a hammer to break away the plaster and reveal your metal piece.

    This is a basic overview of the steps for how to cast jewelry. To get started, consider watching some tutorials, as this will help you visualize what you’re doing before you begin. Metalworking is fun and can lead to several opportunities. However, it is serious and should be done only with the proper safety measures in place.

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