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    GG Pro Mini Propane Furnace Kit

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    You’ve thought about home-smelting, whether for practical reasons or artistic, but weren’t sure where you should start. Cast Master makes that choice easy with a mini melting furnace kit. We recommend the awesome capability of our mini dynamo, the GG Pro Mini Propane Furnace Kit! With five full ounces of melted metal capacity, the GG Mini Pro Propane Furnace Kit is big enough to tackle most jobs you throw at it, from getting rid of those old soda cans in the garage, to melting down gold and copper for jewelry or art projects.

    We know that you want to get started right away, so we’ve included everything you need for a quick start:

    • Full English instructions (written by native English speakers)
    • Stainless steel furnace
    • TWO graphite crucibles
    • A package of borax to remove impurities
    • An inanimate carbon rod for stirring
    • A heavy duty ingot tray with three different size molds
    • Stainless steel tongs for safe handling

    Just add your own metal, and you’ll be ready to get started. And our thorough directions are written with that first day’s excitement in mind! We know you want to see melted metal ASAP, and we wrote our guide to facilitate your quick but SAFE transition from sideline dreamer to full-blown metal melting aficionado!

    And if you do run into a situation that has you puzzled, Cast Master has been in business here in the USA since 2015, and we’re happy to assist you with our years of experience.

    And when you want increased capacity, or just want the ability to melt in various locations without moving your equipment, check Cast Master's other fine smelting furnaces the GG 5K and our ultimate GG 10K.